Christmas in United Kingdom

Christmas origins 200x300 Christmas in United KingdomWhat do we know about Christmas in United Kingdom? We sum up the most important informations about dates of Christmas and its history.

Christmas in United Kingdom – beginnings

The origins of Christmas started back thousands of years and they are connected with prehistoric celebrations round the shortest day of year. Many aspects of Christmas have origins in pagan culture. Customs of Christmas reach United Kingdom too, however the form of some traditions was changed. The interesting fact is that customs are different between areas of the United Kingdom.

Christmas in United Kingdom – more than a few days

Christmas day in the United Kingdom is celebrated on December 25. However ealier there is an Adventfrom the first day of December to December 24th. It is time in which practice is using of advent calendar and advent candles. 24th day of December is called Christmas Eve. All families sit at the table on Christmas dinner. At midnight many people go to church where take place religious service. December 25th, families started from unpacking presents. Majority go that day to church and then listen to the Queen’s Speech. All day is spend for relax.

Second day of Christmas in United Kingdom

December 26th is Boxing Day. It is free day in United Kingdom however if it happens during a weekend, then free day is provided on Monday. Boxing Day is time to give presents to loved ones, friends and other people. Tradition of Boxing Day come from Middle Ages. Then all of priests were supposed to open ale box for alms and give the contents to indigents. Rich ones, after Christmas feasts take the rest of foods in boxes and distributed out to their minions. Mentioned custom didn’t live on to nowadays but the term of Boxing Day is still use. Christmas decoratives in home should be hidden until January 6th (the day of Epiphany). In British’s beliefs, extension of that deadline may entrailed with tough luck.

Christmas is unusual time in United Kingdom and everywhere. Try to spend that time with family and be glad of birth of Jesus.